So, Average Joe wrote a book. Well, whoop-dee-doo! Alert the media! Maybe we should coordinate a nationwide… yawn.

I get it. How can an average guy write anything more than an average book, right? Fair point. I did not climb to a place of comfort on some mountaintop, though, to describe what I see in the valley trenches. I have lived and worked and played in those trenches my whole life. It is where I learned how to throw a football, and how to throw a punch. It is where I learned about hate, and where I found friendship. It is where I learned about God.

My blue-collar, rough and tumble, life in the trenches perspective means I come at God’s truths from a different angle. Perhaps you will identify with my style and voice. I hope so because millions upon millions of people, even Christians, don’t know Jesus as well as they could or should. People we care about are staring down the barrel of eternity without Him. That breaks my heart as I am sure it does yours. I truly want to get this book in the hands of any who need to know Him better.

And so you know, my initial plan is to take any money made from the sale of these books to print more and get more books out there, even if I have to give them away.

Thanks, A.J.