A Word About Me

The Road to Average

When I was a young man, and I use the term loosely, both my circumstances and my attitude did not lend itself to higher education. I had a decent job in a creative trade (see the video on the main page) and I was happy, mostly. A great girl was crazy enough to marry me. But when the kids started piling up, the college ship had sailed for me, not that I ever considered it seriously. So, it was the blue-collar life for me which was okay. It suited me well; I liked beer.

It wasn’t always easy. We had our share of rough times, sometimes of my own making. I liked beer, remember. Mostly we did okay, but I have desperately searched for jobs before, unsure of how to feed the family. I know what it is like to live on ramen, drive crappy cars held together by duct tape and a prayer, and have creditors calling. Despite the occasional hardships, though, we were a happy family. There was love in our home.

So, how does a not particularly wise, blue-collar, average joe start writing about the most complicated subject imaginable, God Almighty?

Some don’t believe I am qualified, and they are right. But, can you name one who is? Does studying in the hallowed halls of Christian universities qualify you to write of God any more than experiencing life in the trenches? Remember, it was the least likely of Jesse’s sons who was anointed the future King of Israel, the rugged, lion and bear killing, teenage shepherd, David.

I too might be considered the “least likely”; the least likely to write anything good and right and true about God. Many of my friends would say so; it has flustered a few of them badly to hear that their old bar-closing buddy has written a book and a blog about God. But, I believe whatever talents I have are gifts from Him and it will not honor God to hide the talent He chose to bless me with. And what better way to use it than to point to Jesus?


Let’s build something together.